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Cool CLIs in Elixir (Part 2) with IO.ANSI

Though ANSI escape sequences are nearly 50 years old, they're still incredibly useful for building cool CLIs. In this post we go over how to use them to move the cursor around and change the color of your text so that you can create a CLI that looks professional.

Cool CLIs in Elixir with IO.write/2

Many CLI tools have cool progress bars and update single lines of text to keep a cleaner interface. We'll go over how to do that in Elixir so that you can build cool CLIs too.

More Goals for March

Well, we’re now two months into 2018. If you’re actually reading this, you probably know that I decided to work towards monthly goals this year. I set four goals for January and then three more goals in February. And it’s going really well. I’m now 7 for 7 on completing goals. And I’m having to work to get there. Go to the gym at least once a week This was possibly my least ambitious goal as it was something I had already been doing.

Goals for February

I decided this year that I would focus on monthly goals instead of yearly ones. So last month I set four goals for January. And I killed it. I’ve already hit more of my goals than I did in all of 2017. Read the Book of Mormon every day I made this one happen. And I’ve already read more than I did in all of 2017. I started keeping a copy of the Book of Mormon on my nightstand, and made sure to read at least a couple verses before I went to sleep each night.

Goals Suck. Here are Mine.

Every year I tell myself I’m going to have a better year than I did the last year. I always do, but oftentimes I end up measuring the year on different metrics than those I foresaw. Last year I set some goals. Too many goals. Spoiler: I didn’t meet most of them. By the end of January, I had all but forgotten most of the goals. What I completed Out of the 13 goals I set, I succeeded with three of them.

Independent Gratitude

Disclaimer: This post is an adaptation of a talk I delivered in front of my congregation at church. As such, it contains many of my personal beliefs. While I would love to discuss these ideas and beliefs with you, please respect them and comment constructively on Twitter if you wish to do so. Thanks! This last week I’ve spent way too much money. Amazon had too many deals and I couldn’t resist.