• Dinner Groups App

    While I’ve been thinking a lot lately about moving away from Provo, I have noticed that the sense of community here is different from most other places in the world. One thing that is really cool is the concept of dinner groups. Here in my apartment complex, there are usually one or two groups that will get together for dinner five or six nights a week. The groups will have 10-15 members each, so each person cooks dinner for everyone every 1-2 weeks. I think it’s awesome because it means you don’t have to worry about preparing dinner except for once or twice a month. There are also the social benefits of eating with the group. I believe that sharing a meal is the second best way to form a relationship with someone, second only to traveling with them.

  • Provo City Center Temple

    I took this photo of the Provo City Center temple as a gift for my little sister Becky for her 17th birthday. I’ve also decided to release it as a wallpaper for your computer or mobile device.

  • Distributed Library

    The sharing economy has really changed the way that we get things done. Apps like Uber have made it so that you can have other people drive you places, instead of having to own your own car. AirBnB makes it so you can use someone else’s house, rather than owning your own. People have gotten used to the idea of letting others use their things.

  • The ROC App

    Update (Sep 20, 2016) : The first version of the app is now on the App Store. Check it out!

  • Video Dating App

    I use the Clear app on my phone to store quick one line ideas that pop into my head all the time. I’m going to start taking some of the best ones and fleshing them out a bit on here. Some of these I might try to build, but most of them I probably won’t, so if you see an idea that you like (either this one or in the future) feel free to take it and run with it. I would love a mention if you use it, but I don’t expect it or any other form of compensation. After all, ideas are nothing without execution.

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