Dennis Beatty

Use the new Enum type in Ecto 3.5

Enums are a great way to safely store user roles, record status updates, and many other things in your database. Ecto 3.5 added Ecto.Enum which allows you to store enums in your database without any other dependencies so that you can make impossible states impossible. I'll explain why you should use Ecto.Enum and how to do it.

How to Create a Todo List with Phoenix LiveView

This tutorial teaches you how to create a todo list with Phoenix LiveView that will update for all users in real-time. We use Phoenix PubSub to publish changes across processes and update the list automatically.

Select into a Map with Ecto

When you need to be able to match up records in a performant way with Elixir and Ecto, selecting your records into a map makes this very simple. I'll show you how!

Ecto Associations in Phoenix LiveView: One to Many

One of the most common things you will typically do as a developer is connect databases to web interfaces. Phoenix and Ecto make this really simple. This video is part 1 of a series about how to manage Ecto associations and database relationships with Phoenix LiveView.

TIL: Multiline Clipboard in Atom

I recently discovered that when you use multicursor mode in Atom, each cursor gets its own clipboard so that you can copy and paste on many lines at the same time.

How to Create a Counter with Phoenix LiveView

Phoenix LiveView allows you to create cool applications that live update in the frontend without touching any frontend Javascript code. This post covers how to set up an Elixir application for Phoenix LiveView and then how to create a counter that you can increment and decrement with all the state managed in the backend.