Well, we’re now two months into 2018. If you’re actually reading this, you probably know that I decided to work towards monthly goals this year. I set four goals for January and then three more goals in February. And it’s going really well. I’m now 7 for 7 on completing goals. And I’m having to work to get there.

A hand circles a destination on a road map

Go to the gym at least once a week

This was possibly my least ambitious goal as it was something I had already been doing. I actually found out several of my friends go to the same gym as I do, but at different times. We went together last week, and I’m hoping that can continue.

Go to the temple twice

This one was slightly more difficult. I made it once a couple weeks ago, and then the second time took a bit more effort. I was in Texas for LoneStar ElixirConf February 22nd-27th, and so I got back right before the end of the month. I had to push back some other plans, but I was able to go the night of the 27th to complete this goal. And I had some pretty good experiences too, that really got me thinking about things. I was glad I made this happen.

Read two books

This was perhaps my most difficult goal this month. Between preparing a talk for the conference and all the stuff I have going on at work, I haven’t had a lot of free time for reading. I made it happen though. I completed Fahrenheit 451 about halfway through the month, and then I finished The Rooster Bar by John Grisham about 15 minutes before March 1st. It was a bit close of a finish, but I’m glad I was able to get it done. Really I want to make reading a bigger part of my life, similar to how it used to be. The main problem is how many other things I’d love to do.

Continuing from January

I decided for February that I would continue doing a lot of the habits I established in January. I continued reading the Book of Mormon and writing in my journal every night. I only missed the four days that I was in Texas for the conference. I feel like vacations and traveling have a way of interfering with our habits like nothing else can. I was able to pick it right back up when I got back though, so I don’t think they were disrupted in the long term.


A hand circles a destination on a road map

Similar to what I did in February, I want to continue with a lot of the habits I’ve already established, and just add on a few more things. I plan to continue reading the Book of Mormon and writing in my journal every night, and I plan to continue going to the gym at least once a week.

Eat no added sugar

This is the big goal for the month. I’ve considered doing this for a while, but haven’t actually had the courage to make it happen. I’ve decided that I will be forgoing desserts for the next month. This will include cereal, prepackaged oatmeal, desserts, soda, basically anything with added sugar. However, I won’t be natural sugars like fruit. I’ve got several people at work, as well as my roommates, all on board with this one. I’m hoping having a support group around it will make it easier. Either way, I’ve noticed that I need to take better control of what I’m eating. I’m a little worried I will overeat to make up for the lack of sugar, but I think just getting my mind thinking about what I’m putting in my body will have better consequences.

Post two photos on Instagram

I love photography. I really enjoy making time to go out and shoot photos. I have a bit of a problem with perfectionism though. I never want to post a photo on Instagram if I don’t think it’s really good. This month, I want to force myself to make the time to take and edit two different images to the point that I’m happy enough to post them on Instagram. I really want to get that hobby back.

Go to the temple once

Continuing with the habit of going to the temple regularly, I’d like to go once this month. I might make it twice, but since I did twice last month, I figure once is fine this month.

Read two more books

I really enjoyed making some time to read last month. This month I’d like to follow up on that by reading two more books. I’m already close to do with one of them, so this should be another pretty simple one.

Follow up with me

I’m not really sharing these goal posts too widely, but I would love to know what you think about them. Or I would love to have you ask me about them, just to motivate me more by having people know what I’m up to. Tweet at me!