I’ve been creating a lot of longer-form content that takes me a lot of time to prepare and write, so now I’m hoping to create some shorter videos in between. I will call this the TIL series, and just share small things that I learn that may not take me as much time to show off. If you have any feedback on this idea, please let me know.

Multiline Clipboard in Atom

Using Atom’s multicursor mode and multiple clipboards to quickly edit a block of text

Last Friday I was playing around with modifying some configuration files and found out that when you use multi-cursor mod in Atom, you get multiple clipboards too. So if you highlight different things with each cursor and then copy them, that cursor will store that text in the clipboard and only paste it instead of pasting everything that was copied or just pasting the last line that was copied.

It’s kind of a small detail, but I feel like it greatly enhances the Atom experience.

What do you think?

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