• My Goals for 2017

    In 2015, I set some great goals that helped me to focus my life a bit more, and I did a pretty good job of accomplishing them. For 2016 I decided to just wing it instead of focusing on goals that I set. It went okay, but it wasn’t great. This year I’ve decided to make a return to a goal-oriented lifestyle.

  • My Life in 2016

    I think 2016 has been a roller coaster of a year for everyone. We were reminded that people get old and die no matter how important they may seem to us. We realized that literally anyone can become President of the United States. But I wanted to analyze my accomplishments this year, and not just everything that happened in the world.

  • AirBnB for Movies

    While I was driving home from Thanksgiving in southern Utah, I listened to the story of Grooveshark on the Startup podcast. It was really kind of intriguing. I never really used Grooveshark much, but apparently what the product did is let people resell their music to other people online.

  • Bradley Lake - Grand Teton National Park

    I took this photo at Bradley Lake in Grand Teton National Park. The original is a 118 Megapixel panorama. I’ve included a link to download the full size original below this if you want to print it or use it as a background for multiple monitors.

  • Document All the Things

    Haven’t posted anything in a while. Just got back from a month in Europe last weekend, and just started my last semester of college today.

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