Haven’t posted anything in a while. Just got back from a month in Europe last weekend, and just started my last semester of college today.

While I was in Europe I really didn’t take many photos. It’s funny: everyone assumes that since I have a fancy camera and love taking photos of beautiful things and places that I will take a ton of photos when I travel. Well… I didn’t. I think I took about 30 photos, plus some ephemeral Snapchats that are already floating in the void of nothingness that all snaps face after the 24 hours runs out.

But today I have a message all for documenting things. I went to upgrade this blog to the latest version of Ghost’s software. The upgrade instructions very specifically say to make sure you back everything up, but of course I skipped that part. And when I got the upgraded blog up I realized that all of my posts were gone. I frantically searched Google and grabbed all of the ones I could from Google’s cache and copied and pasted them in and corrected all of the formatting and spent an hour and a half on it when I could have been working and making money. And then I realized that I had forgotten to set the environment variable to production instead of development. Very tiny error, but once I changed it back Ghost used the correct database and the correct domain name and all of a sudden everything was back to normal.


Document all the things so that you don’t get screwed over by something you already knew but forgot.