• How I did on my 2015 Goals

    As 2015 draws to a close, I want to share the progress that I made in the last year. This is the first year that I’ve been able to focus enough on my goals to actually remember them at the end of the year.

  • How to set up a node.js production server

    One of the biggest problems I had when learning node was figuring out how to get a production server up and running. Coming from a PHP background, I was used to just installing a LAMP stack on an Ubuntu server and then uploading PHP files to the directory specified in Apache.

  • My Goals for 2015

    While I was serving as a missionary in Chile, I worked every day with goals. We would set goals each month for the number of people that we wanted to help teach about Christ, and then each week, we would set shorter term goals that would help us to reach those goals. Every day we would set even shorter term goals about the number of people we would talk to on the street, and the number of people we would invite to learn more.

  • Confidence in the Product

    Over the last two weeks, I’ve been taking some classes through Treehouse to learn how to create iPhone apps.  I feel like my web development skills are in a good place, but I would like to begin learning to create apps that are native to phone devices.  I’ve tried a couple of different online classes to try to find the one that works best for me, and so far I’ve been most impressed with Treehouse.

  • Stand Out and Be Awesome

    I returned last night from a week-long trip to Glacier National Park.  From east to west, the entire area is wooded with pines and cedars, clear blue rivers, lakes and waterfalls.  Glacier is perhaps one of the most beautiful places that I have visited on Earth, but after less than a day, I was already tired of it.

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